Everyone welcome at Sanguiccio’s

By Samantha Everts, Metro Ottawa

All the locals know Sanguiccio's is the way to go!

Little Italy delicatessen Sanguiccio's is a neighbourhood gem frequented by construction workers to diplomats daily.

Charismatic owner Genio Ienzi can be found behind the counter chopping vegetables and welcoming everyone with the same warm smile, treating you as an old friend, no customer.

“Good to see you again,” he will call out as you enter the shop.

Sanguiccio's specialty is Italian-style sandwiches; simple, delicious sandwiches with the fresh quality ingredients using crusty Art-Is-In Rosemary-garlic bread. Try the "MPLT." or mortadella, provolone, lettuce and tomatoes.

Relax and joke with the owner as he slices generous portions of italian cold cuts.

A delicious take on the tuna sandwich, his has no mayo but capers, olives and tomato. "I like to keep it simple," says Ienzi.

All are served it a wonderfully marinated side salad with perfectly-ripe tomatoes, cucumbers and olives. The vegetarian option is exceptional, stuffed with veggies like spicy eggplant, roasted peppers, thick slices of cheese and a dab of his famous hot sauce, jars of which are sold in store.

Being a popular, family-run shop, things run out quickly, like popular prosciutto, but Ienzi will come around the counter with an espresso on the house and an even better option.

“I only sell what I like to eat,” says Ienzi, who clearly takes much pride from seeing his customers enjoy his food. And trust us, you will.

Expect to wait at least 10 minutes. Daily specials and a children's menu are available. Cash only.